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Globiz is a digital business card wallet – Share, collect, and manage your business connections all in one app.



The all-in-one mobile virtual business card experience

Own Multiple Business Cards

Unlimited Contact Save & Share

Centralized & Seamless Contact Management

Auto-updated Contact Information

Highly Convenient

Cost Saving & Eco-Friendly


Get connected anywhere and anytime

Step 1
Download Globiz App

Globiz is a user-friendly digital business card and is suitable for anybody across different industries. Available on the App Store and Google Play, you can sign up and create an account now.

Step 2
Create a personal business card

It's absolutely FREE for personal account users to create an unlimited digital business card! Fill up all necessary details and your account is ready to go!

Step 3
Share your digital business card

Flash  your QR Code or send link to share your digital business cards with anyone. Enjoy sharing unlimited business cards at zero costs.

Step 4
Save new contacts

Scan new contact's unique QR code or save shared link. Important business cards are immediately stored in your centralized contact book with absolute convenience.

Step 5
Stay connected for FREE

Digital business cards are always available and up to date. Skip printing and exchange new physical cards - cost saving, hygienic, and greener choice!