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It all started from home

As a consequence of the global COVID-19 pandemic, we were all stuck at home. This made it challenging to create, maintain or exchange business contact without having the opportunity to meet up in person. On top of that, the rapid spread of the virus made us hesitant about the exchange of physical business cards, due to hygienic reasons.

We found out that we have bigger problems to solve

Besides hygienic reasons and the lack of real life network events, physical business cards are also difficult to keep in one place. We all have some piles of business cards we’ve collected over the past few years, spread around in different drawers, cabinets, pockets and wallets.

Especially for busy individuals, physical business cards can be difficult to organize and manage for future use. Forgetting your connection details – how do they look like, what’s their name, what is their profession, and where is their office located at? 

It’s common to experience this issue while networking and you are not alone. Besides that, all those paper or plastic cards have a significantly negative impact on our environment. They fall out of our pockets, or we reprint an entire new batch of cards because of a change in design, while our old cards have no use anymore.

It's time for change

Together, we found a solution to the disorganization and messiness that physical business cards can bring along. By diving into the digital transformation of the business world, we came up with the idea of Globiz: a mobile application for Android and iOS forming the ultimate solution for customizing, sharing and collecting digital business cards. The application is a solution for the disorganization and loss of physical business cards, as well as unnecessary waste of paper and the consequential environmental impact.

Partnering up with Lizard Global, a professional international full stack app development company focused on digital innovation and digital transformation, the idea of Globiz became reality in the form of a neatly designed and developed user-friendly mobile application. The Globiz application allows you to create and customize your own virtual business card and share your card via a personal QR code or link. The application also offers a business card wallet, which you can use to collect other business cards, without them getting lost on your desk. You can customise your own business card with a unique design and invite your team members connected to your account to share your unique business card design. Our ideas and inspiration, combined with the experience of the skilled team of specialists at Lizard Global resulted in the development of an application that’s ready to disrupt and revolutionize the world of networking. 

Everything we create at Globiz is to help you connect, collaborate and maintain your network. So when the opportunity arises, you wouldn’t miss it. The all-in-one mobile virtual business card is suitable for personal use, business owners, non-profit organization and more. It is now increasingly convenient for you to network with Globiz, especially if you are wearing different hats or have multiple professions. It is a smart, cost-saving and eco-friendly choice to switch to Globiz digital business card while still enjoying the familiarity of conventional business card look.

Globiz : about us

Our Mission

Provide the utmost convenience for people to exchange and store business card with an environmentally-friendly solution

Our Vision

Connecting entrepreneurs, businessmen, and other working professionals with each other to expand their network and opportunities across the globe.